3700 Bait Coffin by Bass MafiaTackle storage boxes come and go like the passing of time. Cadavers that are gathering dust or tossed into a trash can. Their remains trashed without possible resuscitation. Only a virtually indestructible, waterproof and corrosion resistant fishing storage container can truly protect your valuable lures and terminal tackle. A normal utility box is susceptible to damage. Fragile and poorly designed they cannot withstand the punishment anglers dish out. Only a Bait Coffin by Bass Mafia can survive the negligence and abuse an angler puts their fishing storage boxes through.

Do you think the new 3700 Bait Coffin by Bass Mafia can’t hold up to abuse? Stephen Browning, Bassmaster Elite Series angler, knows different. Browning has put his Bait Coffin storage box through extensive abuse without his failing or falling apart. “The main thing that separates the Bait Coffin from other boxes is its durability, flexibility, and truly waterproof seal,” said Browning. Browning has tested his Bait Coffin tackle box on the professional tournament trail with no broken lids, seals or hinges.

The Bait Coffin has been tested tough. Some anglers have even driven trucks over them to prove their durability. “I love the Bait Coffin’s durability factor. It’s a onetime buy that you just don’t have to replace; in fact, you will probably buy more of them to store all of your hooks, sinkers and lures in,” said Browning. In the past, Browning had placed cotton balls in with his weights or sinkers to keep them from busting a hole in the box and going all over the boat. “With the Bait Coffin, I don’t have to put cotton balls in with the weights and sinkers; although, I do with the painted ones to keep the paint from coming off as the weights or sinkers roll around not to keep them from knocking a hole or cracking the lids,” explained Browning. Browning noted that the Bait Coffin tackle storage box cost more, but it will last a lifetime making it worth the extra price.

3700 Bait Coffin by Bass MafiaThere is no limit to the configuration when using the Bait Coffin tackle box. The long dividers can be cut to allow for larger and longer lures while the adjustable dividers can be pulled out or put in the molded slots. “I basically customize my Bait Coffin boxes according to what I am putting in them,” said Browning. Browning also will use a permanent marker to write on the inside of the lid to indicate what size hooks, sinkers or weights are in each compartment making them easier to find during pre-practice or tournaments. The Bait Coffin comes in one size for right now. The 3700 model is 8½-inches by 14¼-inches in size. 

The latches used in the Bait Coffin storage boxes were designed to stay locked and don’t come open. “That’s really important for an angler. It always seems like we are driving in rough water that beats up everything including our tackle and lures,” said Browning. The Bait Coffin features stainless steel hinges that will not break even when bouncing around. 
The one feature that saves anglers money is its waterproof seal. Since water cannot get into the box their hooks don’t rust. No more drying out your lures after a day of being out in the rain. “The Bait Coffin is waterproof, but that also means water will stay in it if you open it up in the rain. I put in a small amount of rice in a breathable package to keep moisture from rusting my hooks,” said Browning.  The other thing Browning likes about the Bait Coffin was his Z-Man soft plastic lures will not melt inside the boxes.

How well built are your tackle storage boxes? Do they end up cracked, broken and in the trash? Dead, departed tackle storage boxes can be a thing of the past for anglers that have the Bait Coffin.

Bassmaster Elite Series angler Stephen Browning with his 3700 Bait Coffin by Bass Mafia